Custom-Branded Trading Platforms

Brand CQG Desktop with your product name and logo.

  • For the majority of partners, leveraging CQG's brand of delivering data, analytics and trading software for 40 years will be more beneficial than white labeling
  • Scenarios where white labeling makes sense for partners
    • FCMs or exchanges wanting to not maintain proprietary software and replace a branded product 
    • Recommended only if partners have a dedicated marketing department and software support staff, and a large number of dedicated customers
    • Partners with a CQG CAST environment for managing customer enablements and billing
  • Maintenance fees and minimum screen counts apply

CQG Desktop brand admin configuration interface


Information and graphics requirements

Available Languages See  
Technology HTML5  
Compatibility PC
Customizable pages and symbol lists Yes (Optional)  
Customizable pages and symbol lists Yes (Optional)  
Company name Required  
Application title Required  
Company website Required  
Customer support title Required  
Customer support phone number Required  
Company support email address Required  
Company/App logo

110px x 31 px
One for light background, one for dark backgorund
Transparent .svg preferred, .png

Logo for log in screen 285px x 80px
Transparent .svg preferred, .png
Log in screen background image 1400px x 860px
.jpg, .png, .svg, .gif
(max size 1 MB)
Apple touch icon 152x152px
Favicon 16x16px

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