CQG Brand Guidelines

The CQG Brand

Visible, tangible, intuitive. CQG has represented careful decision-making, quality, honesty, and innovation for more than 40 years. 

Clear, straight forward, intelligent.

Color palette

CQG Brand Colors


PMS 187 Red
HEX: #b01c2e
RGB: 69/11/18
CMYK: 0/85/72/35
HSL: 353/73/40

Dark Gray

PMS Cool Gray 11
HEX: #53565a
RGB: 83/86/90
CMYK: 8/4/0/65
HSL: 215/4/34


PMS 877Silver
HEX: #a3a2a0
RGB: 163/162/160
CMYK: 3/1/0/44
HSL: 40/2/63


HEX: #000000
RGB: 0/0/0
CMYK: 60/60/60/100
HSL: 0/0/0


Clear and straightforward, or bold and loud — the CQG fonts styles allow a wide variety of scenarios and moods. The font styles establish a simple, clear heirarchy.



User Interface

Illustrations, photography, and other imagery


High-quality photos of CQG products, data, data-visualization.

Link to internal repository of photos





High-quality photos of cities with financial centers where CQG customers are.








CQG uses a combination of fontawesome and custom icons.



Brand Voice

Brand Attributes

  • Powerful
  • Responsive
  • Reliable
  • Smart
  • Customer-Focused

Voice Attributes

  • Straightforward: CQG tells it like it is. We present the most accurate, up-to-date, and reliable information on our products, services, and people without embellishment.
  • Clear: CQG speaks clearly and concisely. We use understandable, uncomplicated language. We avoid meaningless jargon.
  • Confident: CQG communicates its messages with confidence. We believe in ourselves. We speak about our company assuredly yet without exaggeration.
  • Knowledgeable: CQG makes it clear that it is the expert in the field. We have the answers. We use language that represents the intelligence behind our sucess, our brand, and our people.
  • Problem-solving: CQG solves our customers' problems. We communicate how our products and services provide unique solutions.
  • Passionate: CQG speaks with passion and enthusiasm. We are excited about our products, our services, our people, and our industry.