FIX Connect

FIX Connect provides access to futures and fixed income cash markets. Trade routing connectivity is available to more than forty exchanges worldwide. We support platform-neutral trade execution and risk management processes by leveraging CQG’s industry-leading unified exchange gateway and Customer Account Service Tool (CAST) risk control system without the need for access to a CQG proprietary client.

Access to the CQG gateway for FIX can be incorporated as part of a wide range of trading and back office solutions, such as algorithmic trading, customer risk control, alternative client manual trading, and managed execution.

Conformance Testing

Before using CQG FIX API on a live production environment, it is important to ensure that the client application works as expected and can recover from order rejects, missed events, etc.

This verification is achieved through CQG FIX API conformance testing. CQG provides connectivity to a testing environment where you can test and debug your applications using simulation trading accounts.


FIX Connect users are able to trade via the CQG FIX API and use other contract symbols, like Bloomberg, Reuters, or other custom symbols. By default, contract symbols are in CQG format as specified in this Excel spreadsheet. Users interested in using an alternate symbology should contact for more information.