Getting Started with CAST 2
How to Set Up a Billable CQG QTrader System

CAST 2 is a work in progress and as we replicate the full functionality of CAST in this new product, we are adding new ‘view-only’ screens regularly. In the meantime, please follow the steps below to setup your QTrader users. The CQG team will be in touch with you as more functionality is available.

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CAST 2 allows FCM partners to:

  • Create CQG QTrader systems for their customers
  • Manage their customers’ CQG QTrader systems

Before You Begin: Requirements

According to exchange policy, CQG QTrader setups require additional information about the trader, including:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Full address with zip code and state

Before You Begin: CAST Setup

Before you begin, make sure your CAST User ID is enabled for CAST 2 access.

In CAST User Permissions, give the CAST user permission to create, modify, and delete an account

Access to the permissions are controlled by the firm’s master CAST user

Access CAST 2

Use your CAST username and password to sign in to CAST 2

Before You Begin: CAST and CAST 2

You will need to set up an Account and TraderID in existing CAST before you set up the customer in CAST 2

Welcome Page

Begin by clicking the Set up a new customer button

Main Info

Fill in the customer’s information and then click Save and Continue

* Indicates a required field

Contact Info

Fill in the customer’s contact information and then click Save and Finish


Fill in the customer’s login credentials and then click Save and Continue

  • The login name is automatically generated but can be changed
  • You must select whether the user is Pro or Non-Pro
  • By filling in a login removal date, you will force the system offline on that chosen date and prevent the login from future use

Service Bundles

Add a check mark next to QTrader - Transactional and then click Save and Continue

General Information

Enter the customer’s information. All fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

Settings and Balances

This section allows you to view the account information

Risk Parameters

If a CAST user has permissions to alter risk settings, this can be completed in CAST 2 on the Risk Parameters page.

Market Limits

Market limits can be modified via CAST 2.


Balances can be modified via CAST 2.

Authorized Logins

Now available for route review –read only.


View only access is available for all routes in CAST 2.

Products and Services: Real-Time Data

This section allows you to set permissions for the customer to view charting and quotes data

You can search by exchange name using the text field

Verify that the customer's requested data enablements are checked off in the Enabled column. If the customer requests connection to an exchange or service that is not checked then you send an email to and request the enablements be turned on.

Products and Services: Optional

Products and Services: News

Products and Services: Third Party

Products and Services: CQG Desktop and CQG Mobile

If a customer requests to see permissioned data on CQG Desktop and CQG Mobile then return to original CAST, and select Traders.

Search for the Trader in the search box at the top of the page.

Select Products and Services under the Traders list.

Place checkmarks for CQG Desktop and CQG Mobile to be enabled.

Welcome Email

Once the services are added, you can choose to send the customer a welcome email, and then click Save and Finish

The email will contain important information to help the customer get started using the software

Active Products and Services

After the customer has been set up, you can view the system’s permissions by clicking Active Products and Services

Best Practices: Improve workflow by viewing windows side-by-side

We recommend putting two browser windows side-by-side to help make workflow more efficient. In Windows, dragging a window to the side of a monitor will snap that window to 50% of the monitor.

Then, instead of clicking a link, which will navigate away from your current screen, right-click on a link and open in a new tab. Then drag the tab to the other side of the monitor to view both windows side-by-side.