FIX Connect Testing

Connection and tag information for access to the CQG Gateway using FIX 4.2 Protocol
CQG demo environment host (IP address is Port: 6912
Target CompID (Tag 56) CQG_Gateway (Header field required for all messages.)
Sender CompID (Tag 49) CQG Gateway Trader Username
Sender SubID (Tag 50) Test FIX (Header field. Only required in Logon message, ignored otherwise.)
RawData (Tag 96) CQG Gateway Password (Only required in Logon message. Considered to
be plain text string field. Can be accompanied by an optional
RawDataLength field.)
Your CQG Gateway simulation environment FIX access credentials
FIX username (Tag 49) [username]
Password (Tag 96) [password]
AccountID (Tag 1) [account number] (Required value when managing orders.)

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