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CQG Desktop is the next generation of trading and data visualization from the original data and analytics expert you've trusted for more than 40 years. CQG Desktop offers trading, market data, charting, and analytics all in one easy-to-use product that can be customized to meet your trading needs.

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1140 x 500pixels



Large - 250 x 54 pixels

Small - 212 x 32 pixels

Extra Small - 80 x 21 pixels

Product Images:

700 x 355 pixels

Devices 1 - 1444 x 1066 pixels


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  • For more information about CQG Desktop, e-mail: askcqg@cqg.com
  • To get more resources for marketing CQG Desktop, e-mail marcomm@cqg.com
  • Does your firm have a large number of traders and can commit a budget to marketing? CQG Desktop can also be white labeled, learn more here