FCM Onboarding Procedure

The CQG FCM Partner Program provides access to CQG's industry-leading proprietary margining system and professional trading software, which are integrated for brokers and traders.

Follow our straightforward on-boarding procedure to get up and running quickly and easily.


  1. FCM signs and delivers FCM agreement to CQG. (This agreement also applies to NCMs.)
  2. CQG enters FCM information in Customer Account Service Tool (CAST).
  3. FCM provides exchange routing IDs for CQG to connect to the exchange.
  4. FCM provides the contact information of FCM's primary CAST administrator to CQG.
  5. CQG creates the administrator profile in CAST and relays the credentials to FCM administrator.
  6. CQG schedules a minimum of one hour of CAST training for FCM.
    • Discuss the requirements that FCMs obtain and store Non-Pro user validation for all users enabled as non- professional in CAST.
  7. Based upon the services that CQG provides as an independent software vendor, FCM can designate the services they would like:
    • Parsing: This process includes receiving files from the clearing FCM for importing into the database.
    • Middle Office Data Service (MODES): This process includes reporting transactions, orders, or fills to the clearing FCM in intervals ranging from ten minutes to twenty-four hours.
  8. FCM provides a list of personnel who are authorized to discuss sensitive matters with CQG. The matters may include trade-related data, balance information, and audits. Personnel not included on this list will be asked to contact authorized personnel to request information.
  9. FCM provides a general contact list, marketing contacts, and contact lists for people or groups needing to be notified of the following to CQG. (Please note these are separate lists.)
    • Parsing (see 7a) is delayed or having difficulty completing its task.
    • MODES (see 7b) is non-operational.
    • Outage affecting the order routing system. A twenty-four hour e-mail group is highly suggested if one is not already in place.
  10. At the request of FCM, CQG creates private-label software. This process takes about one month to complete. FCM must provide company website, logo, and general sales and company information to CQG.