Trade Routing Tools

The fastest order routing solutions for traders at proprietary trading firms, hedge funds, financial institutions, CTAs, and FCMs. 

Global Connectivity and Direct Market Access

CQG delivers Hosted Direct Market Access to exchanges around the world. CQG is connected to over seventy-five market data sources and more than forty exchanges for electronic trading. Buy side or sell side, forex or futures, equities or energy, foreign or domestic, CQG connects you to the markets.

Turnkey Enterprise Solutions

CQG’s trading solutions are easier to deploy, require less capital investment, are less expensive to maintain, and deliver marketleading performance and reliability. CQG-operated market data and exchange networks reduce your overhead. CQG’s risk engine gives you maximum control over customer accounts. Ease and speed of implementation and dedicated CQG support increase your operational efficiency.

Server-Side Speed

CQG’s server-side tools eliminate the impact of geographic latency to give traders optimal order execution. Spread orders, orders into aggregated markets, and smart orders are managed on CQG servers co-located with exchange matching engines. CQG installs state-of-the-art servers and network equipment that is monitored around the clock, ensuring an optimal experience trading complex strategy orders.



Sophisticated front-end tools and smart order routing.

Order Routing Connections

Today’s trader needs reliable, high-speed access to electronic markets. The CQG Hosted Exchange Gateways provide our customers with low-latency connections to over forty major cash and futures exchanges. CQG manages direct market connections for over one hundred FCM environments, enabling them to focus on core trading operations and customers.

CQG Smart Orders

Each smart order has unique features designed to aid the trader in better order and trade management. Smart orders include:

  • DOM-triggered stop/stop limit
  • Trailing limit
  • Trailing stop/stop limit
  • Bracket
  • Order-cancels-order
  • Study-following order

Sophisticated Front-End Trading Tools

CQG’s dynamic order routing tools provide key market information. Features include depth-of-market views on price ladders, direct trading from the charts and quote pages, and integration with analytics. Some order entry and management tools and features include:

  • CQG Spreader
  • Server-Side Aggregation
  • DOMTrader
  • Spread Matrix
  • Spread Pyramid
  • Order Ticket
  • SnapTrader
  • Order Desk
  • Spreadsheet Trader
  • Quote SpreadSheet
  • Enhanced Quote SpreadSheet
  • Orders and Positions
  • CQG Alerts

Integrated Analytics and Order Routing

CQG enables traders to set up pages combining charts, studies, quote displays, and order routing applications. In addition, traders can develop and backtest trading systems and perform options analysis.

  • Real-time and historical market data from over seventy-five global sources
  • Numerous chart styles, including CQG’s exclusive TFlow
  • Over one hundred basic and custom studies
  • Different styles of quote displays
  • CQG News, which displays Dow Jones Newswires, The Hightower Report, MarketG2 News, Market News International