Hosted Exchange Gateways

A complete solution for brokerages and FCMs around the world.

Global Trading Access

CQG Hosted Exchange Gateways provide your customers with low-latency connections to over forty major futures, forex, equities, and cash treasury markets. CQG manages direct market connections for over one hundred FCM environments.

White-Labeled Front End

Maximize your firm’s visibility with CQG Trader white labeling. CQG Trader is a stand-alone order routing application. CQG Trader includes DOMTrader®, Order Ticket, Quote Board, and the Orders and Reports window.

State-of-the-Art Margining

We provide the tools that allow you to manage risk on both an order and account basis. More importantly, we provide superior tools for managing account balances in real time. CQG’s risk engine is one of the most advanced in the industry. We maximize your protection by using exchange-published risk arrays in our calculations and determining margin account requirements on the basis of overall portfolio risk (a SPAN®-like calculation*).

* SPAN® is a registered trademark of CME Group.

Reduced Costs

CQG Hosted Exchange Gateways are a secure, low-latency order routing solution installed and maintained by CQG for our partner clearing firms. Your customers and employees can route orders to the exchanges using CQG Trader, CQG QTrader, CQG FX, CQG M, or our flagship product, CQG Integrated Client. CQG provides the industry’s leading pre-trade and post-trade risk analytics module and an easy-to-use, browser-based Customer Account Service Tool (CAST).



Comprehensive account management. Industry-leading risk management.

Risk Settings Available

Pre-trade risk management includes peraccount settings with a margining system for evaluating worst-case scenarios. FCMs can customize account risk settings to:

  • Evaluate real-time margin.
  • Permit futures and options trading.
  • Enable trading on individual commodities.
  • Control order size.
  • Control position size limits.
  • Add a new external position.
  • Add a new external order.
  • Set liquidation-only mode.
  • Enable single trade margin limit.
  • Set a daily loss limit percent.
  • Set a daily loss dollar amount.
  • Set an exchange margin multiple.
  • Set an allowable margin credit.

Margin Analysis

The risk management module performs margin analysis using:

  • Account balance and equity.
  • Open positions.
  • Open trade equity.
  • Unrealized profit/loss for options.
  • Collateral on deposit.
  • Net liquidity value.
  • Market value of options.
  • Accurate historical data.
  • Exchange-published risk arrays.

Risk Controls

The risk management module monitors incoming orders. For orders that increase risk, the module can:

  • Compute margin for the entire account.
  • Use open equity to gauge available funds.
  • Always accept liquidation orders.
  • Compare available funds required based on exchange margin or FCM parameters.
  • Deny orders when funds are insufficient.
  • Analyze working orders to check margins.

Account Types

  • Single accounts.
  • Give-up accounts.
  • Group accounts with shared purchasing power.
  • Omnibus accounts.
  • Commerical accounts.