Updates for Partners

UPDATE: What's New in CQG Desktop Version 4.5 - For our partners

Update Aug 20, 2019: We are deploying an important bug fix this evening to production. There will be a brief outage for all customers as each... more

What's new in CAST 2 version 2.16

Profiles and Logins Multiple trade-routing logins can now be added to a profile. Added ability to send welcome mails with credentials for both... more

Gateway Release: Updates to Market Limits and FCM Contract Control

There is a Gateway release planned for the weekend of Friday, June 28th. As always, the release will be seamless to CQG Customers. In addition to... more

What's new in CAST 2 version 2.15

General Improved layout of the Home Page Action buttons now turn color when content is changed Improved search performance Improved layout for... more

What's New in CQG Desktop Version 4.4 - For our partners

In addition to the customer facing features for this release, these are features requested by our partners. White label controls Contact FCM... more

Recent News

CQG for iPhone Update, Version 1.8

General Updates Improved iPad compatiblity Add symbols dialog now displays futures contracts with months Various bug fixes Trading Price... more

What's New in CQG Desktop Version 4.5

Quotes Added columns to display yield values for fixed income symbols Trading Added ability to hide market order buttons When HOT is in... more

Gold Sends a Signal To All Currency Markets

Gold has a long history as a currency. The yellow metal has been a store of value for thousands of years. Gold is both a financial and an industrial... more

CQG Appoints Andy Jennings to run EMEA

CQG has appointed Andy Jennings to head of EMEA to spur growth in the region as the fintech evolves into a specialist software firm.  “I’m... more

What's New in CQG 2019: Reduce Your Costs - Long and Short Positions Supported

We have added a new feature to the trade routing interfaces and the Orders... more